Future Matters Symposium




Exploring Our Sustainable Materiality

We live in extreme times, from mass global migration, rapidly changing ecosystems to radical shifts in the world’s superpowers, we are witnessing seismic changes in the way we live, work and survive. Our current systems for managing and tackling these changes seem outdated and unreliable. As designers it is our responsibility to look beyond the conventional and probe, question and explore how we can, should or want to shape the future.

Exploring the notion of ‘Sustainable Materiality’, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the MA Material Futures program at Central Saint Martins have invited design practitioners who not only shape and work with materials, but who are also interested in redefining our current systems of manufacture, consumption and current material culture. With sustainability at the heart of each of our invited guests’ practice, we encourage debate and discourse exploring how we, as designers, should and can address some of the challenges facing the material world.