23 June  17:00 -20:00

Mediamatic Dijkspark 6,  Amsterdam

With this botanical test I investigate how different colors of wavelengths influence the shape, taste and medicinal powers of different plants. Photosynthesis: the process in plants that turns sunlight into chemical energy. It influences the shape, structure and colour of plants and explains why fauna in the tropics is often green and plentiful and turns yellow and sparse when placed in the dark. But what would happen if they are cultivated in the light of a specific colour? Do blue-grown herb leafs look different from orange ones? And will bushes standing in yellow light hold more fruit than those from a violet world? For this project we builded six greenhouses in which different plants are grown. Each greenhouse consists of a different coloured stained window, in order to stimulate the growth of a variety of vegetables, herbs and weeds.

23 June – 30 September